Leverage Networks

Social Analytics for the Life Sciences Industry

Our physician influence networking technologies empower customers with actionable insights, quantified metrics and timely alerts to impending change, enabling them to formulate on-target strategic responses with significant resource efficiency and increased effectiveness.

Qforma helps clients to understand, monitor and predict behavior in all relevant communities.

Customized robust solutions quantify the impact of 
influence per physician and identify 
community influence networks by analyzing practice patterns found in data. Qforma then delivers the physician influence and 
communication network infrastructure of every community.

Sense Opportunity?

Costs go down. Impact and results go up. While the math seems simple, and even though much of the business world have incorporated so-called “Network Effects” into their promotional spectrum, most pharmaceutical companies have NOT.

  • Compliant Speaker Selection 82%
  • Event Program Design 91%
  • Augment Call Planning 94%

Our Methodology

A Sophisticated Blend of Experience, Technology & Brainpower


Qforma differentiates itself from other analytics firms through sophisticated pattern recognition technologies and predictive modeling expertise developed by a team of physicists, mathematicians and software engineers.


Qforma anomaly detection algorithms identify practice behavior outliers, usage propensities and practice patterns via comprehensive analysis of patient-level, pharmacy, hospital, and qualitative data. These capabilities enable us to find answers to complex problems faced by our clients.

Smart & Savvy

Qforma technology delivers, to both large and specialty pharmaceutical companies, a means for understanding and penetrating professional relationship networks in any territory. It quickly distinguishes physicians who drive practice decision patterns within these networks.