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Uncovering the Hidden Value of Highly Influential Community Physicians

Today, Qforma released a second report in its Qforma Insights series titled “25 Highly Influential Community Physicians”. These reports mine influence databases in 12 disease states/conditions to identify a few of the thousands of local medical leaders shaping the practice behavior of their communities every day. Download Reports Now

You may very well be familiar with and actively engaging many of the highly influential, high prescribing physicians identified in our Insights Reports. Top community physicians standout on the regional and national levels in just about any data-driven report available.

While there’s no disagreement of the benefit of directly targeting these physicians, the opportunity for positive growth may be far greater by reaching those physicians within their network of influence and capitalizing on the professional relationships they have forged over time.

In asthma, 75% of all practice decisions are influenced by just 34% of physicians treating this disease. These key individuals, the community opinion leaders (COLs), can connect you to thousands of peer networks – physicians interacting and sharing clinical experiences shaping the practice activity of their local communities every day.

For example, lets look at the value to some brands of leveraging inter-specialist practice relationships. An influential specialist may have several “generalists”, like internal medicine or family practice physicians, that directly or indirectly look to them to share their clinical experiences or a new treatment approach. Identifying this inter-specialty circle can prove very valuable when examining growth strategies.

Qforma Insights reports are complementary. Download Reports Now

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